Tour Dates and Tickets | 2019 and 2020

Horror Show 

Theatre Deli, SHEFFIELD | October 11th, 2019
Doors 19:00 | Show 19:30 (1hr) 
Advance ticket deals available at eventbrite or full price on the door.

In 2015, Jonny Ronson encounters trouble whilst returning home from a night out. He tries phoning the police. But they get three missed calls and the following voicemail…

Harold and Arthur are nothing special. They go to work. They take the bins out on a Tuesday. They’re nothing. They run a conspiracy and true crime podcast entitled ‘Harold and Arthur’s Horror Show’ that has 142 monthly listeners. They’re in their late twenties. They’re nothing.

That is until they receive an email from the mysterious ‘A. Pal’ claiming that a “Mr P will talk with them soon”. They embark on a journey stretching far beyond the realms of sanity, delving deeper than anyone dare imagine. But it’s okay, because none of it’s real. You know, because it’s a play. Everything else is though. Real, I mean; not a play. This is though. A play. That’s why we’re at a Theatre. Because it’s a play. A real play about things that really happened. Anyway–

One week later, a young man’s body is found in a nearby river… Wearing everything but his shoes.

So, lock the doors, shutter the windows and turn the lights out… It’s about to get spooky in here.

This… is Horror Show.

‘Remarkably confident … Very funny’ (The Scotsman)

‘Dark and brooding … Hauntingly energetic’ (BBC)



MORE DATES | 2019 and 2020

Harold and Arthur will be touring Horror Show (and others) in the UK and beyond, across 2019 and 2020. You can find details about their upcoming shows below…

MARCH 22nd 2019 – Horror Show at YSJ Students Union – York

APRIL 25th  2019 – Horror Show at Ram Jam Records – Kingston on Thames, London

JULY 11th  2019 – J. Epstein and The Bohemian Groove (not a DJ set) at FuckClub – Leeds

JULY 18th  2019 – Horror Show at Manchester Fringe – The Kings Arms, Salford

OCTOBER 11th  2019 – Horror Show at Theatre Deli – Sheffield

FEBRUARY 2020 – Horror Show at Birmingham Horror Con – Birmingham

MAY 11t2020 – Horror Show at Sheffield Horror Con – Sheffield

MAY 12th  2020 – Horror Show at Sheffield Horror Con – Sheffield

JUNE  2020 –  The Pact, starting at Satan’s Hollow – Manchester

JULY 2020 – The Pact at The Great Yorkshire Fringe – York

TBA 2020 –  The Pact at Adelaide Fringe – Adelaide, South Australia




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