Tour Dates and Tickets | 2019 and 2020

Harold and Arthur will be touring their new work, Horror Show, in the UK and beyond, in 2018 and 2019. You can find details about their upcoming shows below… Click on a show to find out more.

MARCH 22nd 2019 – Horror Show – Leeds – Open Source Arts

APRIL 25th  2019 – Horror Show – London – Ram Jam Records

JUNE 28th  2019 – Horror Show – Sheffield – Theatre Deli

JULY 2019 – Harold and Arthur’s Nuclear Holocaust – Great Yorkshire Fringe – TBA

AUGUST 1 to 11  2019  – The Pact – Edinburgh Fringe – Starting at The Devils Advocate

AUGUST 12 to 22  2019 –  Nuclear Holocaust – Edinburgh Fringe –  TBA

OCTOBER 31  2019 –  Don’t Go Into The Attic – York – TBA

FEBRUARY 2020 – Nuclear Holocaust – Birmingham Horror Con – TBA

MAY 11t2020 – Horror Show – Sheffield Horror Con – TBA

MAY 12th  2020 – Harold and Arthur’s Nuclear Holocaust – Sheffield Horror Con – TBA

JUNE  2020 –  The Pact – Manchester – Starting at Satan’s Hollow

Ram Jam Records, London –  April 25th, 2019


Harold and Arthur’s Horror Show…

Theatre Deli, Sheffield –  June 28th-29th, 2019


Harold and Arthur’s Horror Show…


Great Yorkshire Fringe 2019 – July 2019


Harold and Arthur’s Nuclear Holocaust… It’s the end of the world. At least that’s what the mainstream media want you to think. Actually you’re just an bunch of duracells for the interdimensional supermind. Find out why here,  now, and possibly forever. Come along and join us for a deeply disturbed and frankly freaky Friday (sadly not the 13th) at 1331.  York City Centre. We’ll be in The Cinema. Pay whatever the hell you like… On the door. Except don’t be a piece of shit, we give all our profits to charity. Unlike some, James Acaster.

Be warned… Arrive in advance, and get your sweet, tight, pert masculine ass in that line. Because there are only forty seats and we have a rabid home crowd. They are, however, comfortable. The seats, not the crowd. Or so we’re told. Doesn’t really matter to us. We’ll be standing up. You know, because it’s comedy. And because of the nightly probes.

It’s an hour long, and we’ll be in the bar afterwards. If you want to know more abut your doom, we’re always happy to have a few drinks after the show, and to engage in some spine chilling conversation. If you get him drunk enough, Arthur might even tell you about the time he went Dogging.

Edinburgh Fringe 2019 – August 13th to 25th


Harold and Arthur’s Nuclear Holocaust… What really brings us together is the inevitability of the void. But before we get there, you might as well learn about why the global elite wants to reduce you to ash. Clue – it’s part of a giant black magic ritual and it’s got quite a bit to do with nazi science, child sex rings and an eight foot owl. So come along and eat pizza, listen to two men yell about UFOs and find out why you (and you alone) can save the world. Free admission – but also this is a charity gig so cough the fuck up yeah.

Times and venues to be announced soon!


Don’t go into the Attic! – October 2019


A straight up charity gig… It’s literally just us, Horror Show, some bands we’re in and a few spooky films. Tickets through this site – details and bookings coming soon. Plus, any cash you choose to drop in a bucket on the night goes straight to charity. Specifically, to Missing People UK.

More info coming soon!


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