Tour Dates and Tickets | 2018

Harold and Arthur will be touring their new work, Horror Show, in the UK and beyond, in 2018 and 2019. You can find details about their upcoming shows below…

Edinburgh Fringe – August 13th to 25th

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Great Yorkshire Fringe – July 20th

Join us for a deeply disturbed and frankly freaky Friday (sadly not the 13th) at 1331. York City Centre. We’ll be in The Cinema. The show is at 21.15. Pay whatever the hell you like… On the door.

But be warned… Arrive in advance, and get your sweet, tight, pert masculine ass in that line. Because there are only forty seats. They are, however, comfortable. Or so we’re told. We’ll be standing up. You know, because it’s comedy. And because of the nightly probes.

Oh, and it’s an hour long, and we’ll be in the bar afterwards. Join us for a few drinks and some spine chilling conversation. If you get him drunk enough, Arthur might tell you about the time he went Dogging.

The Missing People’s Ball – York St John University Students Union (Probably) – September 2018 (Probably). More Details Soon (Probably).

A charity event – which is essnetially us doing a special directors’ cut of our touring show for our hot hometown audience (that’s you) then getting utterly plastered in the bar in an attempt to forget the things we’ve all seen and done. What it says on the tin. You get in if you’re on the guest list. You get on the guest list by donating (any amount) to our indiegogo. Which funds the night in the first place. Or by paying a few quid (let’s say three) on the door. All of which goes to Charity. Specifically Missing People. Because they’ve endorsed us. Cheep beer. Great venue. Fancy video wall like Alex Jones. Creepy conversation. What more could you want? More info soon.


Don’t go into the Attic! – Venue TBA – October 2018

Literally just us, the show, some bands we’re in and a few spooky films. Tickets through our IndieGogo – details coming soon. Plus – any cash you choose to drop in a bucket on the night… Goes straight to charity. Specifically, to Missing People.

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