You reached out into the abyss, and the abyss gave you Harold and Arthur… Lucky you. This is horror at its most existential, made by comedians at their most pathetic.

Performing – Harold and Arthur 1

We create and tour live theatre shows, short films and a podcast that’s uncertain of its own purpose or indeed existence – not unlike its hosts. Our work marries true crime, conspiracy theory and the occult with questionable homo-eroticism and a bleak sense of humour (one might say: despair).

We just got off tour with our self titled talk show and we’re currently organising more tour dates across 2019. In the meantime, we’ve been working towards a brand new venture on film… Wake Up! with Harold and Arthur went live on Halloween and new episodes will air at super-secret times (even we don’t know them) across 2019.

We also host the nonexistent podcast, High Strangeness. You can’t find it online so stop looking.

Is this some sort of joke?

Good question… The jury’s still out. People do seem to think we’re legitimate… Which is debatable at best. But don’t take it from us…

‘Dark and brooding… Hauntingly energetic…’ (BBC)

‘Remarkably confident performances… Very funny…’ (The Scotsman)

‘Pitch black comedy from some of the most twisted minds in Yorkshire…’ (York Press)

‘Honestly, I hate to stop you in the street like this… But I saw your show last night and… I can’t sleep. I need to know… Was that all… Real?’ (Audience Member, Helena – Manchester).

If you’re bored at work, or just of life, you can read more reviews here.


More info…

You can see a full list of our shows by clicking on the drop down menu for this page. We don’t have many so it won’t take long. You can also find out more about the company here. You can also check out our tour dates and buy tickets here, and you can read about our charity work with Missing People UK, here. Alternatively you could just navigate using the top bar. You know how a website works so, er, yeah. Feel free. Keep clicking. We’re absolutely not stealing your data and selling it to Cambridge Analytica to pay for parking fines we got in Sheffield.


Getting in touch…

Good luck trying to find us, we’ve been trying to find ourselves for years. That said, if you’re desperate to book something that feels suspiciously like two men screaming about UFOs at an increasingly worried audience for roughly one hour, do drop us a line in the contact section. We promise not to spike your drinks and we’re conveniently based in York (UK) (Earth) in the First, Second, Third and occasionally Fourth Dimensions.

Our lines are always open, here.


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