We have several shows on tour at the moment. Not to mention a few short films and a weird performance experiment…

Performing – Harold 2You can read a some brief descriptions of them here, or use the drop down menu to select whichever show you’re interested in.

Of course, you might not be interested in any of them. Although that does make us wonder why you’re here. It’s alright though, you’re probably asking yourself the same question – and not necessarily just about this website.

Just remember, when you wake up at four-thirty on a cold Tuesday wondering about your purpose, your overdraft, the way your parents seem to be ageing faster each year and why the pillow seems damp: we’re here for you, and we’ve got several shows on tour.


We’re currently touring two shows…

Harold and Arthur’s Horror Show is a live show for stage, sitting somewhere between a talk show and a traditional play – featuring special guest David Paulides. We like to think of it as a comedy-horror live-show. At any rate – it gets good reviews when we bill as theatre and confused ones when we bill as synchronised swimming. And if you think it’s complicated trying to read about it, imagine having to write the fucking pitch. Believe it or not it’s been on tour since Summer 2018. Where does time go?

Harold and Arthur’s Nuclear Holocaust is a new work in progress, debuting at this year’s Great Yorkshire Fringe, before touring to Edinburgh Fringe 2019 and Adelaide Fringe 2020.

The Pact is an extremely immersive, interactive performance experience that takes place over a number of days in each city to which we tour, across a number of undisclosed  locations. Part method acting process, part audience-driven adventure, our participants are specially selected in advance – typically using dating apps – and they don’t necessarily know what they’re getting into or how far things might go. And that’s how we like it… So we’re not going to tell you anymore about it here!

Performing – Arthur 3


We are currently working on an experimental film series… Wake Up! with Harold and Arthur (or Home Invasion) is something of a personal art project, and experiment in method acting which airs sporadically and is then archived on YouTube. Harold and Arthur (or their creators) have been arrested several times whilst making it, which may or may not be cool. It also has a soundtrack by York and Hull based alternative-rock composers, Mary and The Ram, who are produced by John Fryer (who has also produced records with Love and Rockets, Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails) which actually is pretty cool.



Harold and Arthur have previously collaborated with other artists and companies, designing imagery and producing work by a number of other companies across the UK.

They are currently working on a collaboration with Yorkshire Film Archive, where Kiran Tanna is resident artist, and their collaborative work has appeared in music videos and at several festivals across Europe, over the last five years. Notably – this has included work with VIAPERFORMANCE, designing the visuals for performance installations commissioned by Illuminate York and Hull city of Culture.

God that sounds corporate… Look, here’s a photo of us in our element.



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