We’ve had some lovely things said about us, and some two star reviews. But that’s okay, because the universe only has two stars anyway. Figuratively speaking. Actually it has an unknowable number of stars. It’s really quite vast. It was a joke. We meant us. We’re the stars. Literally… You’ve all seen that motivational poster. Speaking of reviews… Here are the nice ones…



‘Dark and brooding… Hauntingly energetic…’ BBC (2017)

Remarkably confident performances… Very funny…’ The Scotsman (2018)

‘Pitch black comedy from some of the most twisted minds in Yorkshire…’ York Press (2018)


‘Harold and Arthur gave incredible performances, and the writing was rich and political, without being preachy. It was amazing to see something this informative but also funny and scary … super intense.’

 – Jamie and Sarah (Edinburgh Fringe 2018)

‘Perhaps one of the most unusual and ambitious things I have seen at Edinburgh Fringe. Part Brecht, part Lynch. It is absolutely horrifying … and you won’t sleep well afterwards. It’s brave, unique in its time and that it really makes you think…  If you like thinking persons’ horror, you have to see it.’

D.M. (Edinburgh Fringe 2018)

‘The best thing I saw at the Fringe. Dark, demented and driven.’

– Lucy Preston (Edinburgh Fringe 2018)

‘If you like Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, and have listened to Coast to Coast AM, you will feel right at home in the audience.’

Eric Motycka (Edinburgh Fringe 2018)

‘Bloody weird. Bloody funny. Bloody good. There was less actual blood than we expected… This is dark, naturalistic comedy at its strangest. Honestly – this is some of the best fourth wall breaking performance that we’ve seen while we’ve been here and it’s really unique for the Fringe. ★★★★★’

– Jess Marie (Edinburgh Fringe 2018)

‘Harrowing – in a good way!’

– Tom (Edinburgh Fringe 2018)

‘These guys know how to properly scare you without cheap tricks!!! If you want a truly creepy evening then this is the one to see!!!’

– Alannah (Edinburgh Fringe 2018)

‘Harold and Arthur are some of the darkest, weirdest and most clever comedy I’ve ever seen in Edinburgh. It’s like John Cleese and Michael Palin doing a Horrible Histories about Missing People. ★★★★★’

– Mike Armitage (Edinburgh Fringe 2018)

‘Absolutely fantastic, and weird as f**k. I still don’t know how much of it was real … ★★★★★’

– Kayleigh (Edinburgh Fringe 2018)

‘Not what I was expecting but very brilliantly done.’

– Stephen McManus (Edinburgh Fringe 2018)

‘Hilarious… Horrifying… Really really weird. Downside is it’s on late. Upside is I nearly wet myself.’

– Joe (Edinburgh Fringe 2018)

‘A rich mix of horror and comedy performed in an intense and engaging way… This is one of the most unsettling shows I have ever seen in York.’

Ben Rosenfield (York 2017)

‘Comical and upsetting in equal measure. It’s wonderful to see performers so committed to their roles.’

Alma M (Edinburgh 2017)

‘Honestly, I hate to stop you in the street like this… But I saw your show last night and… I can’t sleep. I need to know… Was that all… Real?’

– Helena (Manchester 2016).

Thanks for putting up with that. Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that not everyone hates you as much as this guy. What a piece of shit, eh. None of those people are our mum’s by the way. Anyway here’s a photo of us after our first five star review…






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