People really are going missing… But contrary to our tagline, someone actually is doing something about it.

We sincerely hope you come and see Horror Show. We hope that it makes you laugh, that it scares you shitless and that you feel compelled to take a deeper look into the meaningless abyss over which you’ve built your precarious existence as a pathetic human being. But like anyone dealing with real issues, we also want our work to make an immediate impact outside the theatre, and to help some of the people who have had to go through the horrifying things we discuss in the show.

… To which end, we’ve been working with Missing People UK.

Missing People is the only charity in the UK which is dedicated to bringing missing children and adults back together with their families. There’s a whole side of the stuff this show is based on that we don’t have time to discuss live… But the work of rescuers, researchers and support organisations really is vital. For the families and friends of missing people, life can feel like a desperate and unbearable struggle as they wait for days, years and even lifetimes, never really knowing what happened to their loved ones. We figured that we ought to do something constructive – which isn’t to say that our normal unbridled ranting isn’t constructive – to support this group of individuals we hardly ever talk about… The lovers, children and parents of the missing. The families of these people who… Disappear. 

Together, we’ve created a crowdfunding campaign that simultaneously platforms our work and theirs, raising money and awareness for both of us at the same time. Here’s how it works….

Every pound we raise through Indiegogo helps us with our upfront costs, allowing us to tour the show, book venues, advertise our work, sell tickets, survive in these hostile waters and actually make some money. And this extra cash allows us to tour more shows, book more dates, in bigger venues, which sells more tickets… Which makes more money… Which means we break even.

And after that… All of our profits go to straight to Missing People. Voila. By donating, you help us expand. And with every audience member we gain, we help increase the support we can give to Missing People.

In return for your donations, we’ll be giving out tickets to regional previews, scratch events and themed nights at more accessible regional venues over the next year, starting with a tour date for our donors in North Yorkshire. You could think of it as an advance booking. If you’re names on the donor list… You’ll get in for free.

Our Indiegogo campaign launches soon… Watch this space, our social media and the news section for more. 

Honestly… As dumb as our show is… And as potentially vital… These are the people doing the hard work. Check them out, and if you know anyone who has disappeared, get in touch with them here, at Missing People UK.

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