“Honestly, I hate to stop you in the street like this… But I saw your show last night and… I can’t sleep. I had these… Nightmares. I need to know… Was that all… Real?” (Audience Member – Manchester).

People are going missing. No one is doing anything about it. And frankly… We’re sick of it.

We know what’s going on. We’ve done the research. We’ve read the self published books. We own a shared copy of Communion by Whitley Strieber. We’ve watched nearly all of the the X Files and all of Breaking Bad… Not that Breaking Bad matters in this context. Or… does it? We saw Twin Peaks. Honestly. We’ve spent more than seventy hours on YouTube.

We’re Harold and Arthur and this is Horror Show.

Horror Show Poster

“Dark and brooding… Hauntingly energetic…” (BBC)

And since you wouldn’t come and get it from us… We’re bringing the truth to you. Werewolves… Bigfoot… Child sex rings… Flying saucers… Nazi science… Eight foot owls and the CIA.

This is all real… This is all connected.

We’re not sure how it happened, but we got endorsed by Missing People UK – you know, the charity – and now we’re obliged to give the profits from this tour straight to them. All of them. Every last fucking penny. So cough up. Get that warm feeling inside. Whatever.

But despite the charity money and the BBC review and the celebrity endorsement from Scarlett Johansson…

Our test audiences haven’t been able to take us… Seriously.

So we’ve put what was once a very complex, hard hitting and entirely factual, peer reviewed show about the abduction phenomenon back together as a darkly immersive comic horror; combining true crime, conspiracy theory and existential dread with an original score by Mary and The Ram… And of course, our special guest, author of the hard hitting true crime series, ‘Missing 411’ … David Paulides!

“Pitch black comedy from some of the most twisted minds in Yorkshire…” (York Press)

And if you want to take a little look into his world you can check out the trailer for his spine chilling documentary here…

So lock the doors, shutter the windows… It’s about to get spooky in here.

Laughter not guaranteed. Reality not guaranteed. Front two rows may wake up wet.

And it’s not our fault if your drink gets spiked.


“★★★★★ … Absolutely fantastic, and weird as f**k.”

“The best thing I saw at the Fringe. Dark, demented and driven. I couldn’t stop laughing. But it also scared me quite seriously. Amazing work guys! Please come back next year!!!”

“You very well might be offended or have a visceral reaction… If you like Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, and have listened to Coast to Coast AM, you will feel right at home in the audience. Great work guys!”

“This was completely not what I expected, but loved it so much! Took a while to get to grips with the humour, but thoroughly enjoyed and have recommended to the rest of our company. Who knows, I may even go again!”

“Bloody weird. Bloody funny. Bloody good. This is dark, naturalistic comedy at its strangest. Honestly – this is some of the best fourth wall breaking performance that we’ve seen while we’ve been here and it’s really unique for the Fringe… ★★★★★”

“Some of the darkest, weirdest and most clever comedy I’ve ever seen in Edinburgh. It’s like John Cleese and Michael Palin doing a Horrible Histories about Missing People… ★★★★★.”

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